ESI Reports

ESI-CIL Nuclear Governance Project,Nuclear Off-Site Emergency Preparedness and Response in the Aftermath of Fukushima 
Event Report (Singapore: Energy Studies Institute, 2019).

ESI-CIL Nuclear Governance Project,The Evolving Global Nuclear Energy Landscape: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities
Event Report (Singapore: Energy Studies Institute, 2019).

ESI-CIL Nuclear Governance Project,
Small Modular Reactors: The Outlook for Development
Event Report (Singapore: Energy Studies Institute, 2019).

Energy Studies Institute,Energy Studies Institute, Arctic Renewable Energy Atlas (AREA) Project: August 2018 Singapore 
Workshop Report (Singapore: Energy Studies Institute, 2018).

Elena Reshetova and Rajeev Ranjan Chaturvedy
,Joint ESI-ISAS Conference Towards a Low Carbon Asia: The Challenges of Ensuring Efficient and Sustainable Energy 
ISAS Special Report, No. 49 (1 February 2018)

Philip Andrews-Speed, Xu Xiangyang,Non-Geological Constraints to Coalbed Methane Production in China: Developments from the 1990s to 2014 
ESI Report (Singapore: Energy Studies Institute, 2017)

Energy Studies Institute,Energy Transitions and a Globalised Arctic: The Role of Science, Technology and Governance, 17 - 19 August 2016 
Event Report (Singapore: Energy Studies Institute 2016)

Energy Studies Institute; China Strategic Culture Promotion Association
,Perspectives on China’s Rise as a Maritime Power and its Quest for Energy Security 
Event Summary (Singapore: Energy Studies Institute 2016)
Philip Andrews-Speed, Christopher Len,The Future of the US Security Umbrella for Sea Lines of Communication (SLOCs) between the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and the Future Role of China 
(Singapore: Energy Studies Institute, 2016)

Energy Studies Institute; Chatham House
,The Future of Sea Lane Security between the Middle East and Southeast Asia 
Meeting Summary (Singapore and London: Energy Studies Institute and Chatham House, 2015)

Philip Andrews-Speed, Yao Lixia, Nahim bin Zahur, Abhishek Rohatgi, Hari Malamakkavu Padinjare Variam, Tony Regan, Praveen Linga,International Outlook for Unconventional Gas and Implications for Global Gas Markets 
ESI Report (ESI/PG/01F/2014-06).

 Elspeth Thomson, Christopher Len,Energy and Sustainable Cities, Summary Report of Conference 
(Singapore: Energy Studies Institute, 2013).