ESI Policy Briefs

Zhong Sheng, Dalia Patiño-Echeverri and Su Bin The Restructuring of the US Electricity Market: An Overview and Lessons for Singapore
ESI Policy Brief no. 32
30 September 2019

Melissa Low and Eric Bea Singapore’s Resource Sustainability Bill: Tackling the Food-Water-Energy Nexus
ESI Policy Brief no. 31
27 August 2019

Melissa Low and Eric Bea Market Mechanisms of the Paris Agreement: Getting to Consensus on Article 6
ESI Policy Brief no. 30
19 August 2019

Liu Yang and Tey Sovannaroth Harmonising Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling Programmes in ASEAN: Current Trends and Future Developments
ESI Policy Brief no. 29
25 June 2019

Philip Andrews-Speed and Yao Lixia Who is Responsible for Greening the Belt and Road Initiative?
ESI Policy Brief no. 28
7 January 2019

Melissa Low, Eric Bea and Sarah Lu Katowice Climate Package: Operationalising the Climate Change Regime in the Paris Agreement
ESI Policy Brief no. 27
3 January 2019

Melissa Low, Gautam Jindal, Ho Juay Choy From Bangkok to Katowice: Finalising the Paris Climate “Rulebook”
ESI Policy Brief no. 26
14 November 2018

Elena Reshetova and Christopher Len Sustainable Energy Access in Remote Communities: Lessons from the Arctic and Southeast Asia
ESI Policy Brief no. 25
24 September 2018

Monique Taylor A BRICS Approach to Energy Cooperation: Implications for Global Energy Governance
ESI Policy Brief no. 24
30 May 2018

Yao Lixia, Philip Andrews-Speed, Mohammad Zia  China-Indonesia Coal Relationship: A New Phase under the Belt & Road Initiative
ESI Policy Brief no. 23
10 May 2018

Liu Yang, Zhong Sheng  Integrating Renewables and Energy Efficiency: Smart Grid Innovation Trends
ESI Policy Brief no. 22
05 February 2018

Melissa Low 2018 as Singapore’s Year of Climate Action 
ESI Policy Brief no. 21
29 January 2018

Allan Loi, Anthony D. Owen and Choo Qian Ke Full Retail Contestability in Singapore’s Electricity Market: What to Expect for Residential and Small Business Consumers
ESI Policy Brief no. 20
8 December 2017

Melissa Low and Jonathan Ren Climate Transparency among Southeast Asian Countries: Developments since COP16
ESI Policy Brief no. 19
18 July 2017

Melissa Low and Su Bin Singapore’s Drive towards Energy Efficiency: Policies for a Low Carbon Future
ESI Policy Brief no. 18
30 May 2017

Anton Finenko, Anthony D Owen, and Jacqueline Tao Power Interconnection in the ASEAN region: Lesson Learnt From International Experience
ESI Policy Brief no. 17
10 March 2017

Christopher Len, Facilitating Remote Energy Access in the Arctic and Southeast Asia - Key Conditions and Initiatives
ESI Policy Brief no. 16
13 December 2016

Xunpeng Shi and Hari M.P., East Asia’s Gas Market Transition: Hub Indexation, Inter‐Hub Competition and Flexible Contracts
ESI Policy Brief no. 15
20 October 2016

Melissa Low and Rajesh Rangarajan, Post-Paris COP21: ‘Facilitative Sharing of Views', Transparency and Climate Action in Southeast Asia
ESI Policy Brief no. 14
22 September 2016

 Liu Xiying and Kong Lingcheng, A New Chapter in China’s Electricity Market Reform
ESI Policy Brief no. 13
21 March 2016

George Roe and Christopher Len, Alaska's Remote Hybrid Energy Systems: Potential for International Collaboration
ESI Policy Brief no. 12
19 February 2016

Philip Andrews-Speed, Connecting ASEAN through the Power Grid: Next Steps
ESI Policy Brief no. 11
17 February 2016

Melissa Low, Gautam Jindal and Ho Juay Choy, 
The 2015 Paris Climate Agreement: Key Elements and Implications for Singapore
ESI Policy Brief no. 10
12 January 2016

Nur Azha Putra, Mitigating Cybersecurity Threats to Southeast Asia’s Smart Grids
ESI Policy Brief no. 9
12 November 2015

Philip Andrews-Speed, Xunpeng Shi, What Might the G20 under China’s Presidency Deliver for Global Energy Governance?
ESI Policy Brief no. 8
19 October 2015

Ho Juay Choy, Gautam Jindal, Melissa Low, Singapore’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution for COP21 Climate Conference in Paris
ESI Policy Brief, No. 7
17 September 2015

Melissa Low, COP21 Climate Change Conference: Will Paris Succeed Where Copenhagen Failed?
ESI Policy Brief, No. 6
21 April 2015

Philip Andrews-Speed, Christopher Len, China Shale Gas: Can the Pace Be Sustained?
ESI Policy Brief, No. 5
05 January 2015

Philip Andrews-Speed, Christopher Len, China Coalbed Methane: Slow Start and Still Work in Progress
ESI Policy Brief, No. 4
05 December 2014

Melissa Low, Compliance for Intended Nationally Determined Contributions in the 2015 Climate Change Agreement
ESI Policy Brief, No. 3
12 November 2014

Philip Andrews-Speed, Christopher Len, Unconventional Gas Development in Vietnam: Early Days in the Hanoi Trough
ESI Policy Brief, No. 2
10 October 2014

Christopher Len, Indonesia Coalbed Methane: Bountiful Promise Held Up By Institutional Paralysis
ESI Policy Brief, No. 1
1 September 2014