Maritime Energy Futures Programme

The Maritime Energy Futures programme cuts across both the Energy Geopolitics and Energy and Competitiveness tracks. ESI is in the process of developing expertise on maritime-related energy issues that have implications for Singapore as an international maritime hub. The key issues to be examined include the opening of the Arctic in terms of shipping routes and resource exploitation, securing Asia’s maritime energy supply chain, seabed resources development in Asia, and China’s ambition to become a maritime power, including its 21st-century maritime Silk Road initiative.

This programme aims to build on and reinforce Singapore’s status as a premier research hub for maritime and energy-related policy issues. Activities and outputs will be in the form of networking, research, events organisation, publications and outreach.

Over-Arching Questions:

• How will the new infrastructure connectivity plans, the opening of new sea routes and maritime technological advancements affect Asia’s energy supply chain and Singapore’s status as a premier international maritime and energy hub??

• What are the implications of China’s rising maritime ambitions for Asia’s maritime and energy security?

• How will the evolving maritime security challenges in Asia affect the region’s energy supply chain and prospects for seabed resource development?

• What are the economic, commercial and political challenges and opportunities facing Singapore with the opening of the Arctic in terms of shipping routes and resource development?