Gas Programme

Many new dynamics are emerging in East Asian gas markets, such as increasing import dependence, emergence of shale gas, Russia’s energy pivot to East Asia, gas market liberalisation in China, Japan and possibly India, change in the gas pricing benchmark from oil to spot prices, gas market integration, and gas hub initiatives in other East Asian countries. Further research into such issues will make important contributions to the literature and to policy debates in Singapore and other East Asian countries.

This Programme recently concluded a five-year “Asian Gas Trading Model” project as well as four MTI-sponsored projects on unconventional gas. Currently, there are three ongoing projects: Gas Trading Hub Issues in East Asia, China’s Gas Market, and Gas Trading Modelling, focussing on East Asia.

Going forward, the Gas Programme aims to become internationally known as a centre for excellence for East Asian natural gas market research. Planned projects include: the World Gas Trading Model with a Focus on East Asia; Gas Market Development in ASEAN, China, India and Other East Asia Countries; Transition to Hub Indexation and Hub Initiatives in East Asia and Other Regions; and the Singapore Gas Hub Development.