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Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities and Mitigation Strategies for the Power Sector in ASEAN

Wednesday, 3 July 2019 │ 2.00pm – 5.30pm
Pan Pacific Hotel, Ocean 4 & 5 Room (Level 2)
[By Invitation Only]

Attire: Business Formal (Suits & Dresses)

Critical infrastructures in the power generation sector such as smart grids and power transmission systems have become increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks from state and non-state actors for reasons such as information espionage, corporate theft, ideological e.g. nationalistic differences and socio-political activism. According to various studies, since 2009, the global energy, oil, and petrochemical sectors have been specifically targeted in a series of concerted cyber-attacks. Against this backdrop, Mr Lim Minhan will provide an overview of the state of cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the power sector, drawing on recent examples and cases of cyber-attacks on the utilities and power grids e.g. United States, Ukraine etc. Mr Benjamin Ang will discuss the threat vector and risks landscape in ASEAN and the implications on the region’s energy security, while Mr Gui Swee Hee will discuss the resilience framework that could be implemented by the state and the industry. Mr Kunal Sehgal will discuss how intelligence can be used to forecast and mitigate threats, even before they become a concern to the organisation. Finally, Mr Ivan Lee will provide a commentary on the overall theme of the conference and identify the policy issues, gaps and opportunities for intra and interstate cooperation.

1.30pm Registration

2.00pm Welcome Remarks
Professor Ang Beng Wah
Executive Director
Energy Studies Institute
National University of Singapore 

2.10pm Opening Remarks
Professor Hoang An Quoc
Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education, Viet Nam
On behalf of Mr Tran Nam Tu
Chairman of Sub-Committee on Sustainable Energy Research
ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology;
Deputy Director General
Science, Technology and Environment Department
Ministry of Education and Training, Viet Nam

2.20pm Cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the global power sector Mr Lim Minhan Director, Forensics KPMG Services Pte. Ltd.

2.50pm Cybersecurity threats and risks landscape in the ASEAN power sector
Mr Benjamin Ang
Senior Research Fellow
RSIS-CENS Cyber and Homeland Defence Programme
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

3.20pm Tea-break & Group photo-taking for speakers and organisers (conference room)

3.50pm Developing cybersecurity resilience in the power sector
Mr David Ong
Chief Executive Officer
Attila Cybertech

4.20pm Going beyond Defence in Depth… Become Proactive!
Mr Kunal Sehgal
Managing Director
Global Resilience Federation, APAC

4.30pm Commentary: Cybersecurity vulnerabilities and mitigation strategies for the power sector in ASEAN
Mr Ivan Lee
Deputy Director
iTrust Center for Research in Cyber Security
Singapore University of Technology and Design

4.45pm Panel discussion and Q&A
Chair: Dr Philip Andrews-Speed
Senior Principal Research Fellow and Head
Energy Security Division, Energy Studies Institute
National University of Singapore

5.25pm Closing remarks
Dr Philip Andrews-Speed

5.30pm The End

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