Scenarios for Urbanisation Pathways in Java

Ira Martina Drupady, Research Associate at ESI, was selected to participate in the charrette “Archipelago City: Scenarios for Urbanisation Pathways in Java” held in Singapore on 8-10 July 2019. Running for three full days, the event was an intensive exercise in scenario thinking using cutting-edge design, powerful data and transdisciplinary research expertise. The aim was to propose new approaches to urbanisation and large-scale territorial transformations for the island of Java in Indonesia.

Charrette participants represented a broad range of disciplines and expertise, including architects, planners, scientists, ecologists, artists, government representatives, developers, investors and other industry and civil society representatives. They came from Singapore, Indonesia, other ASEAN countries as well as Europe. Ira and her team developed and presented the scenario “Java: Volcanic Engine, Seismic Spirit” at the conclusion of the three days, with the expansion of geothermal energy at the heart of the proposal. It was voted as one of the top three presentations by the floor.

(Photo by ESI Staff)

The event was organised by the Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) under the auspices of the Singapore-ETH Centre. For more information about the event, please visit

(Posted on 12 July 2019)