Energy Market Transition and Its Impact on Power Development and Investment in Asia

(Photo courtesy of organisers)

On 10 April 2019, Dr. Liu Yang, Senior Research Fellow at ESI, participated in the seminar on Energy Market Transition: Its Impact on Power Development and Investment in Asia, which took place in Singapore. This event, hosted by the Singapore Manufacturing Federation, attracted around 160 people from across the energy value chain.

Dr. Liu Yang was on the panel “Infrastructure Opportunities: Transitioning to an electric economy”. In his view, distributed energy assets such as batteries and electric vehicles can provide capacity and reserves values to ensure grid reliability at the high penetration level of renewables. “The key issue is that the market design must enable the business models to transform the system value into the market value. For many Asian countries, a long-term planning can prevent over-investment in fossil fuel based power supply, which may end up as stranded energy assets due to low capacity utilization factor in a changing competitive environment.”

(Posted on 12 April 2019)