Dr Victor Nian interviewed by Channel NewsAsia on Clean Coal

(Photo by ESI staff)

Dr. Victor Nian, ESI Research Fellow, was interviewed by Channel NewsAsia on clean coal technology in response to China’s announcement of the world’s cleanest and most efficient power plant in Shanghai. During the interview, Dr. Nian shared his expert opinion on the concerns related to clean coal technology.

According to Dr. Nian, coal can never truly become a clean source of energy especially when the entire life cycle of power generation from coal is considered. Although one particular coal-fired power plant might appear clean, the sheer number of coal-fired power plants in China will continue to bring devastating damage to the environment no matter how clean they may become.

The interview is part of the 2nd Episode, “Green Technology” of the programme, “Coming Clean About Green” which aired on Channel NewsAsia’s Video on Demand section on 14 September 2018.

The episode can be viewed at

(Posted on 18 September 2018)