ATMOsphere Asia 2018 conference

On 4 September 2018, Dr. Victor Nian was invited to speak at Policy Panel during Shecco’s flagship event, ATMOsphere Asia 2018 conference. Proving Southeast Asia’s strong interest in investing in environmentally-friendly and future-proof solutions, the ATMOsphere Asia 2018 conference brought together many key industry players including cold storage, food processing and retail, hospitality, building operation and maintenance, and urban development experts. With its versatile programme, covering the policy developments, market and technology trends and the experiences of end users, the conference served as a one-stop platform for all stakeholders to meet, discuss and explore business opportunities.

Dr. Nian spoke about the challenging situation of the impending HFC phase-down and the need for more efficient solutions in cooling and refrigeration in the context of Singapore. In his speech, Dr. Nian pointed out: “We know it’s difficult to phase-down HFC. That’s why we need the industry and the government to work together to bring new technologies and innovative solutions to the market. Policy direction is of course important, but it is also important for the industry to take the bigger picture into consideration.”