The Arctic Renewable Energy Atlas (AREA) Project Singapore Workshop

Participants of the AREA Project Singapore Workshop (Photo by ESI staff)

On 29-31 August 2018, ESI hosted the Arctic Renewable Energy Atlas (AREA) Project workshop in Singapore. Initiated by the Arctic Council’s Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG), AREA integrates a range of resources from maps and data to research activities and storytelling, thereby enhancing knowledge of best practices and local action on renewable energy within the Arctic region.

The three-day event—which consisted of the Arctic Renewable Energy Atlas (AREA) Project workshop, meetings and a field trip—was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore. There were over twenty workshop participants with representatives from Canada, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, the US, as well as Southeast Asian participants from the Philippines, Myanmar and experts based in Singapore.

Participants at the workshop (Photo by ESI staff)

The objective of the workshop is to facilitate the discussion of AREA Project topics by the Arctic participants focusing on renewable energy resource potential, data management and visualization, as well as Arctic country energy profiles. In addition, the event provided an opportunity for participants from the Arctic and Southeast Asia to share best practices and exchange knowledge on sustainable energy initiatives and projects, with a focus on energy transition challenges surrounding remote and “islanded” communities in both regions. In this regard, the non-Arctic participants shared the Southeast Asian experience on renewable energy developments, with speakers covering topics ranging from energy access in remote communities in Myanmar and the Philippines, the deployment of solar energy in the region, low carbon energy finance, and institutional governance.

Several ESI researchers participated in the workshop. Dr. Philip Andrews-Speed, Senior Principal Research Fellow, served as a moderator of one of the workshop sessions and presented a comparative overview of the Arctic and Southeast Asian energy landscapes. Dr. Christopher Len and Dr. Liu Yang, Senior Research Fellows, also served as moderators. Mr. Gautam Jindal, Research Fellow, gave a presentation on the Southeast Asian energy landscape. Mr. Leow Foon Lee, Adjunct Principal Research Fellow, presented on the low carbon energy finance in Southeast Asia.

Arctic participants with the Singapore co-convenor (Photo courtesy of Gail Mosey)

On 31 August 2018, workshop participants visited Marina Barrage and the Sustainable Singapore Gallery where they learnt about Singapore’s sustainability efforts and climate action plan, as well as current and planned water and energy conservation projects.

This event was jointly convened by Gail Mosey (AREA Project Lead) and Christopher Len (ESI Senior Research Fellow).

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(Posted on 04 September 2018. Updated 28 February 2019)

AREA 2018 Workshop Report
AREA 2018 Workshop Report