Workshop: Innovation, Economic Complexity and Economic Geography

Prof. Cesar Hidalgo (MIT Media Lab)

(Photo by ESI staff)

(Photo by ESI staff)

Dr. Zhong Sheng, ESI Research Fellow participated in a three-day workshop at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, from 5 – 7 August 2018, titled Innovation, Economic Complexity and Economic Geography.  The event was jointly organized by the Institute for New Economic Thinking in the New York and the Collective Learning Group at the MIT Media Lab.

Conference participants include around 80 young researchers from universities and research institutions across the world and four distinguished scholars – Prof. Cesar Hidalgo (MIT Media Lab), Prof. Adam Jaffe (Brandeis), Prof. Siqi Zheng (MIT Urban Planning) and Mercedes Delgado (MIT Sloan). At the workshop, participants discussed their recent research in the fields of innovation, geography and environmental studies, in order to understand knowledge accumulation and spillovers through products, people and places. At the event, Dr. Zhong Sheng gave a presentation on the technological trajectories of the solar energy technologies, based on the patent citation networks, chaired by Prof. Cesar Hidalgo and Prof. Siqi Zheng.

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(Posted on 08 August 2018)