Conference On “Evolving Global Nuclear Energy Landscape: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities 2018

(Photo courtesy of ESI staff)

A group of eminent international academics and industry experts were brought together by ESI and CIL in a two-day conference on the “Evolving Global Nuclear Energy Landscape: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities”. The event was specifically aimed to contribute toward understanding the context, challenges and emerging opportunities arising from ongoing changes taking place in nuclear industry.

Discussions centred around the governance of nuclear power in newcomer countries, the role of political and industrial interests, and challenges relating to the management of construction, supply chains and projects. Reflections on the rise of Russia and China as nuclear exporters, and Bangladesh and Turkey as newcomers to nuclear power, provided an interesting backdrop for exchanges on the expectations of the international nuclear community and Western nuclear power countries.

The conference and subsequent workshop were held in Singapore on 11 and 12 April 2018, respectively.

(Posted on 13 April 2018)