Presentation at the University of Westminster, UK

(Photo: Screenshot from YouTube)

On 6th March 2018, Dr Philip Andrews-Speed, Senior Principal Fellow at ESI, gave lecture at the University of Westminster (London) on “China as a Global Clean Energy Champion: Lifting the Veil”. The event was hosted by Dr Wojeich Ostrowski who runs the university’s MA programme in Global Politics in Energy and Environmental Change.

The aim of the talk was to test some of the findings of a new book that Dr Andrews-Speed is currently writing with Professor Sufang Zhang of the North China Electric Power University in Beijing. The book, which will be published in 2019, examines the reasons for the success of China’s clean energy strategies, but also delves into some of the obstacles and blind spots. In addition to the policy findings, the book will test some ramifications for institutional theory. This body of literature suggests that one-party states should be less adaptable to new challenges than open democracies. Yet China’s success in developing and deploying clean energy appears to challenge this proposition.

You can watch the lecture here:

(Posted on 14 March 2018)