NUS-UiT Workshop On Research Collaboration

(Photo by ESI Staff)

On 3 May 2017, ESI and Innovation Norway, Singapore co-organised a half day morning workshop for a visiting delegation from The University of Tromsø - The Arctic University of Norway (UiT). The purpose of this event was to discuss potential collaboration between the National University of Singapore and the UiT.

The event started with Welcome Remarks by the Norwegian Ambassador to Singapore, Mr Tormod Endresen. This was followed with speeches by the UiT Rector, Professor Anne Husebekk who gave an introduction about UiT, and by the Executive Director of ESI, Professor Chou Siaw Kiang, who introduced NUS’ profile. Afterwards, several participants made brief presentations to introduce their Arctic research interests, in the areas of Engineering and Maritime Research, Law of the Sea, Energy and Sustainable Development, and Sustainable Arctic Tourism. In addition to these topics, Professor Husebekk, also highlighted UiT’s work on Biomedicine and Infrastructure Research. The two sides also discussed potential student exchanges between the two universities.

The NUS participants were Professor Chou Siaw Kiang (Executive Director, Energy Studies Institute), Professor Chow Yean Khow (Executive Director, Centre for Offshore Research and Engineering & Maritime Institute@NUS), Associate Professor Robert Beckman (Head, Ocean Law and Policy Programme, Centre for International Law), Dr. Philip Andrews-Speed (Head of Energy Security, Energy Studies Institute), Dr. Christopher Len (Senior Research Fellow, Energy Studies Institute), and Dr. Sun Zhen (Research Fellow, Centre for International Law).

The UiT participants were Professor Anne Husebekk (Rector), Professor Wenche Jakobsen (Pro-rector for Education), Professor Tore Henriksen (Faculty of Law), Sigrid Ag (Director/Section for Internationalization of Studies), Professor Young-Sook Lee (Tourism and Arctic Studies), Professor Tone Bleie (Faculty of Law), Professor Peter Wide (Engineering and Safety), Associate Professor Balpreet Singh Ahluwalia  (Faculty of Science and Technology), Associate Professor Bjørn-Morten Batalden (Faculty of Science and Technology), Geir Gotaas (Senior Advisor-Rectors Office), Karine Nigar Aarskog (Senior Advisor-Section for Communication) and Jan Solski (K.G. Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea and Visiting Fellow at NUS CIL).

Torunn Aass Taralrud and Dr. Per Christer Lund from Innovation Norway, Singapore, and representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore also participated in the event.

Later that afternoon, some of the UiT delegates also met with Professor Meng Qiang and other research colleagues from the NUS Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering to discuss mutual research interests related to Arctic shipping.

(Posted on 4 May 2017)