2nd AEEPRN Conference - Transition towards Low Carbon Transport: Asian and European Perspectives

AEEPRN 2013 was held at Beijing University of Technology in Beijing,China from  11 - 12 November. There were approximately 130 participants, some of which include AEEPRN members, academics, and post-graduate students from Chinese universities  and research institutes, and researchers from government agencies and associations.

The two day conference was organised in three separate sections: close-door meeting  on AEEPRN development discussion, keynote speech section on sustainability development and low carbon transport and panel section on analytical methodology and  transport and energy studies. All the conference papers are to be edited and published by Emerald Group Publishing Limited.   

The conference has achieved three predefined targets: first, to explore and project the roadmap for AEEPRN’s future development; second, to build up and enhance the international academic research profile of AEEPRN,the highlight of which are the keynote speeches made by the Chinese government energy policy consultants, Beijing municipal transport policy maker and  professional specialists from  Germany, Japan and Singapore; and third, to expand the membership of AEEPRN in China.

Journalists from five selected daily newspaper agencies attended the conference and  the conference news has been reported on the newspapers like Beijing Daily, Guanming Daily, Science and Technology Daily and quoted by a number of national websites such as,,, and China environment  website, etc. Particularly the speech made by Academician  Xiangwan  Du, former vice Chairman of Chinese Academy of engineering has been viewed by the reporters as an indication for China’s long term energy and sustainable development strategies and quoted by a number of academic and local government websites.

(Posted on 18 November 2013)