1st AEEPRN Conference - “Transitioning From Fossil Fuels?: European and Asian Perspectives”

(Photo by ESI Staff)

The Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore hosted the inaugural AEEPRN Conference, “Transitioning From Fossil Fuels?: European and Asian Perspectives” in Singapore on 24 May 2012.

This conference held at the Energy Studies Institute examined the extent to which Asia  and Europe are making the transition from fossil fuels to ‘new energy’ solutions, and are thereby moving towards longer-term sustainable energy solutions. Despite their differences, Asia and Europe are confronted with many similar critical energy security  challenges. The increasingly strong interdependencies between the two regions arise  from common economic, environmental and energy security predicaments, in combination with the continually deepening integration of the global energy system,  generally. The speakers provided an overview of the current energy situation with respect to the various types of fossil fuels and renewables, from both European and Asian perspectives.

The event also marked the launch of the “Asia-Europe Energy Policy Research Network” aimed at strengthening the link between scholarly energy research and policy-making  in both regions. The Network aims to formulate timely, clear and objective policy recommendations based on sound and comprehensive analysis.

To see the conference photos, click here.

(Posted on 28 May 2012)