ESI Roundtable at SIEW - Cybersecurity Strategies in Power Generation: Defence or Resilience?

(Photo by ESI staff)

In view of the surge in cybercrime and cyber-attacks on essential services such as power and banking services around the world, ESI organised a Think-Tank Roundtable at the Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW 2016) on cybersecurity strategies in power generation. The speakers included Mr. Akhlesh Kaushiva, Programme Manager, United States Department of Energy; Mr. Matthew Wittenstein, Energy Analyst (Power), International Energy Agency; Mr. Lim Thian Chin, Deputy Director, Head of Critical Information Infrastructure Protection, Cyber Security Agency of Singapore; Mr. Ngai Chee Ban, Operations Leader for Asia Pacific, Honeywell Process Solutions; and Dr. Madan Oberoi, Director of Cybercrime, Interpol Global Complex for Innovation. Dr. Philip Andrews-Speed, Senior Principal Fellow and Head of the Energy Security Division at ESI moderated the panel discussion.

The speakers gave a grim overview of the current cybersecurity landscape in power generation, citing how legacy systems’ co-existence with new open systems are a “recipe for disaster”. They underscored the need for energy delivery control systems to be able to survive cyber incidents while sustaining critical functions and noted that despite advancements in recent years, an ecosystem of cyber threats exists both up and downstream. Overall, the speakers called for more conviction by power companies to protect their systems against cybercrime and for more awareness among consumers, prosumers, and all market participants.

To read more, visit the SIEW website here.

(Posted on 29 December 2016)