7th Leaders in Urban Governance Programme

(Photos courtesy of the Ministry of National Development)

On 12 October 2016, Ms. Melissa Low, Research Associate at the Energy Studies Institute spoke at the 7th Leaders in Urban Governance Programme (LUGP) on "The Emergence of the Sharing Economy and Implications on Singapore". She was joined on the panel by Mr Eugene Tay, Executive Director of Zero Waste SG and Founder of the Sharing Economy Association of Singapore, Mr Mike Orgill, Director of Public Policy, Asia-Pacific, Airbnb, Mr Damian Kassabgi, Head of Public Policy, Asia-Pacific, UBER and Ms Eileen Lee, Manager, Global Business Division at the Singapore Business Federation. The panel was moderated by Ms Joan Moh, Head, Centre for Strategic Futures at the Prime Minister's Office Strategy Group.

The panel discussed the complex landscape of the 'sharing economy' and the various types of companies and initiatives impacting Singapore, including how sharing reduces environmental impact by minimizing consumption and extending products' lease of life. Panelists interacted with participants in examining regulatory issues with sharing initiatives and how Singapore could move towards a collaborative regulatory framework with sharing economy companies and initiatives.

The LUGP is a milestone programme for high performing Directors in the Public Sector Leadership Programme (PSLP) in the Infrastructure and Environmental sector with the aim of providing participants with insights into the underlying principles behind Singapore's urban development, and discuss the current issues and challenges. The design of the LUGP is premised upon the CLC Liveability Framework, which looks at urban development in terms of the outcomes that contribute to a liveable city, and the underlying systems that need to be in place to achieve the outcomes. The 7th LUGP was attended by 33 Directors from the Singapore Government.

(Posted on 27 October 2016)