ESI research staff presented at the 38th IAEE Conference in Antalya, Turkey

29 May 2015


ESI Senior Fellow Dr. Shi Xunpeng, Fellows Dr. Victor Nian, Dr. Liu Xiying & Dr. Li Yingzhu, Research Associates Hari M. P. & Anton Finenko and Energy Analyst Allan Loi, presented at the 38th IAEE (International Association for Energy Economics) International Conference, held in Antalya, Turkey from 25th May 2015 – 27th May 2015.

The theme for the conference was Economic, Environmental, Technological and Security Challenges for Energy. 470 energy experts from around the world attended the conference and a total of 270 papers were presented at this event. 

The following presentations were made by the ESI researchers: 

  • Xunpeng Shi, “East Asian Gas Trading Hub and Hub Pricing: Economic Rationality and Geopolitical Reality”.
  • Xunpeng Shi and Hari M.P., “China's Natural Gas Market Liberalization and its Regional Impact”.
  • Hari M. P. and Kamal Soundararajan, “Comparing Natural Gas Supply Disruption Scenarios”.
  • Tian Sheng A Loi and Yujia J. Tao, “Reducing Trade-offs Between Economic Growth and Carbon Emissions for Singapore:  Promoting Green Energy and Efficiency Policies Amidst Constraints and Uncertainties”.
  • Lynette Cheah (from Singapore University of Technology and Design) and Anton Finenko, “Marginal CO2 Emissions Rates in Singapore’s Power Generation Sector:  Potentials for CO2 Abatement”.
  • Xiying Liu, “Can ASEAN Countries Promote their Economic Growth by Energy Investment? Lessons Learnt from China”.
  • Yingzhu Li and Bin Su, “The Impact of Trade Structure in Environmental CGE Modelling: An Application on Singapore”.
  • Victor Nian, “Would Progress in Nuclear Power Technology Brings the Nuclear Renaissance to ASEAN?”.

Dr. Shi Xunpeng also presented to the Dual Plenary session on Geopolitics of natural gas wherein he discussed the prevailing misunderstood motivations for creating gas/LNG trading hubs in East Asia.

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