Dr. Philip Andrews-Speed interviewed by Channel NewsAsia

2 July 2015


(Screenshot of the Channel NewsAsia interview)

Dr. Philip Andrews-Speed, Principal Fellow at ESI, appeared on Channel NewsAsia in a news item on China’s ambitions for Asian energy markets on 1 July 2015. A recent report published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences called for the creation of common energy markets in central, north-east and south-east Asia and argued that China’s “One Belt – One Road” strategy would assist in the realization of this objective. In the interview, Dr. Andrews-Speed discusses various aspects of this plan.

To watch the programme, visit the Channel NewsAsia website:
China's looking to expand its reach in Asia's energy market. A Chinese government think tank has proposed to form three common energy markets in Asia, riding on Beijing's one belt one road initiative to improve regional connectivity. Big concepts, but what do they really mean? Wei Du takes a look.