Dr Philip Andrews-Speed Presented at NBR’s Pacific Energy Summit and Asean Energy Workshop, Seoul on 30 June - 1 July 2014

Philip Andrews-Speed, Xunpeng Shi and Nahim bin Zahur attended the National Bureau of Asian Research’s annual Pacific Energy Summit in Seoul, 30th June – 1st July 2014, entitled “Charting the Course to a Secure and Cleaner Energy Future”. This was attended by about 200 participants from governments, companies, think tanks and universities, mainly from the Pacific region. Philip spoke on panel addressing regional energy cooperation. In a five minute contribution he emphasized that desire is not a sufficient condition for effective cooperation; need, trust and commitment are also important conditions, and timing has to be right as well. Xunpeng wrote one of only three briefing papers for the conference, on “A green vision vs. a brown outlook? The future of ASEAN’s energy mix”. In this paper he highlights the risk that ASEAN’s energy sector will not become cleaner and greener without more decisive policy action being taken.

The following day Philip took part in a much smaller workshop organized by the Asean Institute for Policy Studies entitled “Towards a framework for energy cooperation in Northeast Asia: challenges and opportunities”. There he gave a presentation on “Energy cooperation in Northeast Asia: a regional public goods approach”.

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