Dr Philip Andrews-Speed gave a talk on “The Future for Gas in China” to the Breakfast Club of the British Chamber of Commerce, Singapore on 23 June 2014

China’s gas production has doubled over the last 7 years, but demand is growing even faster. Imports of 50 billion cubic metres (bcm) in 2013 accounted for about 30% of demand. This rapid increase of imports requires a massive programme of construction of pipelines and LNG terminals which may reach an aggregate annual capacity of 150-200 bcm by the year 2020. However, much uncertainty remains over the exact level of future gas imports and over the balance between pipeline and LNG. One of the key variables is the rate of growth of domestic gas production, including unconventional gas and synthetic natural gas. In this respect, the conditions for foreign investors remain unclear. Another factor is the rate which gas will replace coal in the fuel mix.

This presentation gave insights into the dynamics which will drive China’s future gas production, demand and imports, and that will be relevant to companies which are involved in LNG production and trading, the exploration and production of natural gas, the production of synthetic natural gasand petrochemicals, and the manufacture and sale of technology and equipment relating to gas production and use.

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