Launch of Chatham House research paper “Asia’s Oil Supply: Risks and Pragmatic Remedies”

On 7th May 2014 Philip Andrews-Speed of ESI joined Felix Preston of Chatham House to launch the new research paper from Chatham House entitled “Asia’s Oil Supply: Risks and Pragmatic Remedies” written by Chatham House Distinguished Fellow, John Mitchell. The launch was hosted by Thomson Reuters at their Asia Petroleum Lunch held at the Tower Club in Singapore.

The paper analyses the risks that major Asian oil importers would face if oil supplies through the Strait of Hormuz were disrupted on a large scale; for example, if 10 million barrels a day were interrupted for 90 days.

The report can be downloaded here:


This paper arose from a project run by Chatham House. ESI participated in the project by providing research input and by co-organising a workshop held in Singapore to discuss an early draft of the research paper.