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Dr Victor NIAN 

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Victor holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Management of Technology, all from the National University of Singapore (NUS). Victor has more than 10 years’ experience in nuclear policy research covering almost all aspects of peaceful and strategic use of atomic energy with a particular focus on technology and industrial developments. Victor’s other policy research covers almost all industrial and economic sectors with a focus on technology assessment. Victor has developed an integrated systems analysis tool which is used as the key reference methodology for the Energy Storage System Testbed project commissioned by the Energy Market Authority of Singapore. Victor established a UNi-LAB on Integrated Systems Analysis Tools in partnership of academic and research organizations from eight countries under the “Research & Innovation without Borders” initiative of Applied Energy Journal and served as the Executive Director since 2018. Victor is also an advocate on the humanisation of artificial intelligence for strategic economic and industrial sectors.

Prior to joining the Energy Studies Institute, Victor has worked in usability and ergonomics consulting at a start-up firm, intellectual property management at Nanyang Technological University, and as an electrical engineer at Toshiba. Victor has partnered with consulting firms in developing energy systems modelling software and strategic applications of the Internet-of-Things. As for community service, since 2007, Victor has been serving in the Executive Committee of the Engineering Alumni Singapore (EAS), which is the official alumni association of the Faculty of Engineering at NUS. Victor was elected Vice President for two consecutive years in 2013/2014 and 2014/2015, and was elected President for 2015/2016 of EAS. He has served as a co-leader of the Nuclear Special Interest Group of the Institution of Chemical Engineers from 2014 to 2017.


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Research interest:

- Development of integrated systems analysis and data analytics methods.

- Developments in digitalization and modernization of intelligent energy networks.

- Peaceful and strategic uses of atomic energy in Asia and the Pacific.

- Science and technology dimensions of policy analysis.

- Technology assessment and roadmapping.

- Pathways towards a sustainable, low carbon, and resilient economy.

- China’s Belt & Road initiative and implications for Southeast Asia.

- Humanization of artificial intelligence for strategic economic and industrial sectors.
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Book Chapters

  • Victor Nian, "Energy Economy Modeling of the Electricity Sector", In Handbook of Clean Energy Systems, ed. Junyue Yan (John Wiley & Son, 2015), Volume 6, Chapter 23.

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