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Dr Philip Andrews-Speed

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Philip has 35 years of academic and industry experience. He started his career as a mineral and oil exploration geologist before moving into the field of energy and resource governance. He has a PhD in geology and an LLM in energy and resources law and policy. Until 2010 he was Professor of Energy Policy at the University of Dundee and Director of the Centre of Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy. There the principal focus of his research was China’s energy sector, both the domestic and external dimensions. After that, whilst a Fellow at the Transatlantic Academy of the German Marshall Fund of the US, he co-authored a report entitled The Global Resource Nexus. The Struggles for Land, Food, Water and Minerals. From 2010 to 2012 he led a major European Union, Framework 7 Programme project “Competition and Collaboration in Access to Oil, Gas and Mineral Resources”. Recent books include China, Oil and Global Politics with Roland Dannreuther (Routledge, 2011) and The Governance of Energy in China: Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy (Palgrave MacMillan, 2012).

  • The constraints to unconventional gas production in East Asia
  • The governance of the low-carbon transition in East Asian countries
  • Energy cooperation and transnational investment in Southeast Asia and in East Asia
  • The sustainable governance of natural resources


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Edited book

Andrews-Speed, P (ed) (2008), International Competition for Resources: the Role of Law, the State and of Markets (Dundee: Dundee University Press)

ESI reports

Philip Andrews-Speed, Christopher Len, The Future of the US Security Umbrella for Sea Lines of Communication (SLOCs) between the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and the Future Role of China Singapore: Energy Studies Institute, Feb 2016

Book chapters

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Referred journal articles

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Other publications

Andrews-Speed, P., R. Bleischwitz, G. Kemp, S. VanDeveer, T. Boersma and C. Johnson (2012), The Global resource Nexus. The Struggles for Land, Energy, Food, Water and Minerals (Washington D.C.: Transatlantic Academy).

Andrews-Speed, P. (2012) ‘Do overseas investments by national oil companies enhance energy security at home? A view from Asia’, in Oil and Gas for Asia. Geopolitical Implications of Asia’s Rising Demand, NBR Special Report No. 41, 29-41.


Andrews-Speed, P. Governance of Unconventional Gas: Exploring How to Deliver Transparent Benefits in Non-OECD Countries, 2-3 June 2014.


Andrews-Speed, P., Shi X and Nahim Bin Zahur. NBR’s Pacific Energy Summit and Asan Energy Workshop in Seoul, 30 June - 1 July 2014.

Andrews-Speed, P. The Future for Gas in China, 23 June 2014. 

Andrews-Speed, P. NBR Conference, 5 June 2014.


Andrews-Speed, P. and A D Owen. AEMI Meeting, 13-15 May 2014. 


Andrews-Speed, P was interviewed by China Radio International’s English language service for a programme on Global Oil Prices and China’s Energy Sector. The programme was broadcast by CRI on 19th January 2015.

Research Reports

Andrews-Speed, P., Yao Lixia, Nahim bin Zahur, Abhishek Rohatgi, Hari M.P., Tony Regan, Praveen Linga. International Outlook for Unconventional Gas and Implications for Global Gas Markets, ESI Report, February 2015.

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