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Associate Professorial Fellow
Dr HO Juay Choy

Research Interests
Research Highlights

Associate Professor Ho experience covers industrial energy efficiency, natural gas and biomass cogeneration applications, compact heat exchanger design and applications, enhanced performance of absorbers in absorption refrigeration systems and design and application of energy efficient heat pump drying systems.

He is also closely associated with regional collaboration activities in energy technology and related areas. He is currently the chairman of the ASEAN Subcommittee on Non-Conventional Energy Research (SCNCER) and has represented Singapore in this ASEAN committee for more than 20 years. In this capacity he was the leader in a number of ASEAN collaboration projects including the ASEAN-Australia Economic Cooperation Programme on Energy Phase II, ASEAN Foundation Project on Drying of Agricultural Products, Intra-ASEAN projects on Heat Pump Drying of Agricultural Products for Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam, and the EC-ASEAN Cogeneration Programme Phase 3 (chief country coordinator). He was also the project leader for an NUS-British Gas collaboration project on Miroturbines for Power and Cooling Applications.

In 2008, he represented ESI in the preparation of the Singapore Country Report for the study “The Economics of Climate Change in Southeast Asia: A Regional Review” conducted by the Asian Development Bank.

He is currently the Leader of an ASEAN Subcommittee on Non-Conventional Energy Research project entitled “Capacity Building on Landfill Gas Utilization in ASEAN”; he is also the Singapore focal point of an ASEAN project on State of S&T Development in ASEAN.

Associate Professor Ho obtained his Bachelor of Science (Engineering) degree from the University of London and his Masters and PhD degrees from the University of Wisconsin.

Gave a lecture on:

Biomass Energy for Heat and Power
Climate Change, Energy and the Environment, 29 February – 6 March 2008
Singapore Environmental Institute, Singapore

Represented Singapore at:

ASEAN COST + 3’s   New Energy Forum on Sustainable Environment, 25-28 May 2008,
Kyoto, Japan.

Email: esihjc@nus.edu.sg
Phone: (+65) 6516-7084
Fax: (+65) 6775-1831