ESI Policy Briefs

Allan Loi, Anthony D. Owen and Choo Qian Ke Full Retail Contestability in Singapore’s Electricity Market: What to Expect for Residential and Small Business Consumers
ESI Policy Brief no. 20
8 December 2017

Melissa Low and Jonathan Ren Climate Transparency among Southeast Asian Countries: Developments since COP16
ESI Policy Brief no. 19
18 July 2017

Melissa Low and Su Bin Singapore’s Drive towards Energy Efficiency: Policies for a Low Carbon Future
ESI Policy Brief no. 18
30 May 2017

Anton Finenko, Anthony D Owen, and Jacqueline Tao Power Interconnection in the ASEAN region: Lesson Learnt From International Experience
ESI Policy Brief no. 17
10 March 2017

Christopher Len, Facilitating Remote Energy Access in the Arctic and Southeast Asia - Key Conditions and Initiatives
ESI Policy Brief no. 16
13 December 2016

Xunpeng Shi and Hari M.P., East Asia’s Gas Market Transition: Hub Indexation, Inter‐Hub Competition and Flexible Contracts
ESI Policy Brief no. 15
20 October 2016

Melissa Low and Rajesh Rangarajan, Post-Paris COP21: ‘Facilitative Sharing of Views', Transparency and Climate Action in Southeast Asia
ESI Policy Brief no. 14
22 September 2016

 Liu Xiying and Kong Lingcheng, A New Chapter in China’s Electricity Market Reform
ESI Policy Brief no. 13
21 March 2016

George Roe and Christopher Len, Alaska's Remote Hybrid Energy Systems: Potential for International Collaboration
ESI Policy Brief no. 12
19 February 2016

Philip Andrews-Speed, Connecting ASEAN through the Power Grid: Next Steps
ESI Policy Brief no. 11
17 February 2016

Melissa Low, Gautam Jindal and Ho Juay Choy, 
The 2015 Paris Climate Agreement: Key Elements and Implications for Singapore
ESI Policy Brief no. 10
12 January 2016

Nur Azha Putra, Mitigating Cybersecurity Threats to Southeast Asia’s Smart Grids
ESI Policy Brief no. 9
12 November 2015

Philip Andrews-Speed, Xunpeng Shi, What Might the G20 under China’s Presidency Deliver for Global Energy Governance?
ESI Policy Brief no. 8
19 October 2015

Ho Juay Choy, Gautam Jindal, Melissa Low, Singapore’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution for COP21 Climate Conference in Paris
ESI Policy Brief, No. 7
17 September 2015

Melissa Low, COP21 Climate Change Conference: Will Paris Succeed Where Copenhagen Failed?
ESI Policy Brief, No. 6
21 April 2015

Philip Andrews-Speed, Christopher Len, China Shale Gas: Can the Pace Be Sustained?
ESI Policy Brief, No. 5
05 January 2015

Philip Andrews-Speed, Christopher Len, China Coalbed Methane: Slow Start and Still Work in Progress
ESI Policy Brief, No. 4
05 December 2014

Melissa Low, Compliance for Intended Nationally Determined Contributions in the 2015 Climate Change Agreement
ESI Policy Brief, No. 3
12 November 2014

Philip Andrews-Speed, Christopher Len, Unconventional Gas Development in Vietnam: Early Days in the Hanoi Trough
ESI Policy Brief, No. 2
10 October 2014

Christopher Len, Indonesia Coalbed Methane: Bountiful Promise Held Up By Institutional Paralysis
ESI Policy Brief, No. 1
1 September 2014