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Gas Market Dynamics in ASEAN and East Asia (By Invitation Only)

Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore, 039595
June 21 - 22, 2017

Global energy pricing has likely entered a new regime; oil prices are likely to stay at current low levels for many more years, but may shift to higher price levels. Due to oil indexation, and weak demand, natural gas contract prices are also trending downward. The results of COP21 agreement in Paris provided some excitement for the sector, later tempered by political developments in West. The LNG industry faces additional dynamics due to emergence of more flexible contract terms, efforts to develop a reliable and relevant Asian LNG price benchmark and changes in its major markets.

During this dynamic period, there are many issues that need further studies. How market and policy development in key countries such as Australia, China, India and ASEAN will affect the East Asian LNG markets? What is the status of efforts towards the Asian benchmark prices, and how to advance it further? Are there any fundamental issues not yet adequately addressed that acts as significant headwinds to creation of new gas demand or an Asian benchmark?

To explore these and further questions, based on the success in the previous two years, the Energy Studies Institute (ESI) at National University of Singapore (NUS) is organizing a one and a half day closed-door workshop, as a part of the ‘Gas Hubs and Hub Pricing in East Asia project’. This workshop is an invitation only event with the application of Chatham House Rule. There will be no media presence.

The workshop will focus on regional attempts to create gas trading hubs and benchmark prices as well transition from oil indexation to hub indexation. The role of ASEAN gas market integration will also be examined. Experts and industry leaders from more than 10 major LNG importing and exporting countries and a few regional organizations, and executives from the LNG business sector in Singapore will participate in the discussions.
The framework of agenda is likely to be as below.

21 st June (Day 1 ) – Workshop

1:00 pm  Registration

1:30 pm  Welcome Remarks and Introduction to Workshop
               Dr. Xunpeng Shi
               Adjunct Senior Fellow, ESI
               National University of Singapore

1:45 pm  Welcome Address
               Professor S K Chou
               Executive Director, ESI
               National University of Singapore

               Workshop Session 1

               Changing Global Gas Markets

               Moderator: Dr. SHI Xunpeng, Adjunct Research Fellow, ESI, Nationa University of Singapore

2:00 pm  Part 1 : Summary of IAEE Panel Discussion: summarize the two IAEE panels on ‘Global Gas
               Market Dynamics’ and ‘East Asian Gas Markets in Transition’.

               Led by: Prof Jonathan Stern, Chairman, Gas Program, Oxford Institute of Energy Studies;
               Dr. Ken Koyama, Managing Director, Chief Economist,Institute of Energy Economic Japan;
               Tatiana Mitrova, Head of Gas Unit, Russia Academy of Science; Anne-Sophie Corbeau,
               Senior Fellow 2, King Abdulla Petroleum Research Institute.

               Participants are free to discuss relevant issues in the gas and LNG markets

3:30 pm  Coffee Break

4:00 pm  Part 2: Further issues

               Led by: Henning Gloystein, Energy Editor, Asia Reuters; SHAN Weiguo, Head of Gas Market,
               CNPC ETRI; XIA Wei, Vice President, Pavilion Energy; Maggie Jia, Vice President, Cheniere
               Marketing; Vivek, CEO, Texas LNG.

               Other participants are free to discuss relevant issues in the gas and LNG markets

5:45 pm  End of Workshop Day 1

6:30 pm  Networking Dinner Reception, Edge, Pan Pacific Singapore (By Invitation only)

22nd June (Day 2) – Workshop

               Workshop Session 2

               Dynamics of Gas Markets in East Asia: The Momentum of Hubs

                Moderator: Prof Tony Owen, Principal Fellow and Head of Energy Economics, ESI, NUS

8:30 pm  Registration

8:45 am  Part 1: Presentations
               Presenters provide baseline information (up to ten minutes) on:-Recent Initiatives and
               Development in Market Liberalization and Hubs, Experience/Plan in long term contract s and
               pricing renegotiation

                China: Jeff Huang, Chief Advisor, Chongqing Petroleum and Gas Exchange
                Japan: Dr. Ken Koyama, Managing Director, Chief Economist, IEEJ
                Korea: Dr. Jinho Park, Research Fellow, Korea Energy Economics Institute (KEEI)
                Singapore: Mr Cheong Jin Yu, Director of Oil, Gas & Power Derivatives, Singapore Exchange

                Rick Wilkinson, Energy Quest, Australia,
                Dmitry Sokolov, Head of Energy Economics, Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF)
                Dr Xunpeng Shi and Hari MP, ESI, NUS

10:15 am  Coffee Break

10:45 am  Panel Discussion: Moderated free discussions. Participants are free to discuss relevant issues
                 in the gas and LNG markets

12:15 pm  Working Lunch

                 Workshop Session 3

                 ASEAN Gas market dynamics and Regional Cooperation

                 Moderators: Dr. Philip Andrews-Speed, Senior Principal Fellow and Head of Energy Security,
                 ESI, NUS

1 :30 pm  Part 1: Presentations: Overview of Regional Gas Markets and Initiatives

                Note: This session is a roundtable discussion. Panellists are expected to lea the discussions
                by presenting up to ten minutes on:
                - Current National Developments on Benchmark Pricings and Trading Hubs
                - Outlooks for Regional Gas Markets
                - ASEAN Regional Gas Trading

               Mr. Paramate Hoisungwan, Upstream & Gas Team Leader, ASEAN Council on Petroleum
               (ASCOPE) /Thailand
               Mr. Beni Suryadi, Research Analyst, Policy and Research Analytics Programme, Officer,
               ASEAN Center of Energy (ACE)/Indonesia

2:40 pm  Coffee Break

3:00 pm  Part 2: Moderated Roundtable discussions
               Note: Issues to be discussed:
               - Opportunities and Challenges Ahead for Improving ASEAN Gas Market Integration?
               - Can Integrated ASEAN Gas Markets Play a Role in the Gas Market Transition?

4:30 pm  Closing session.

               Moderator: Dr. Xunpeng Shi
               Adjunct Senior Fellow, ESI
               National University of Singapore

               All participants are welcome to 1) summarize policy implications; and 2) make suggestions
               for future studies

5:20 pm  End of Workshop


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