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A Journey Of Resilience: Meeting Singapore’s Carbon Intensity Targets by 2030

Mr. Vinod Kesava
Principal founder and CEO of Climate Resources Exchange (CRX)

Wednesday, 12 October 2016
3.30 pm to 5.00pm
ESI Conference Room
29 Heng Mui Keng Terrace
Block A, #10-01, Singapore 119620

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Singapore's growth in a space of 50 odd years has been phenomenal. As we look to the future, both organizations and individuals must look to resilient growth in the face of catastrophic climate change which is bound to impact us both physically and economically. As a local community operating within a changing global landscape of social consciousness, the effects of climate change are changing the way in which our very existence and the way in which the global economies, are being challenged. This presentation will address how Singapore must adapt and rise to this challenge.

About the Speaker

Mr. Vinod Kesava is principal founder and CEO of Climate Resources Exchange (CRX). He leads a team of highly-qualified professionals in uniquely structuring CDM projects from both the carbon finance and project finance angles. At COP21 in Paris in Dec 2015, Vinod launched the CRX CarbonBank app platform where buyers and sellers of carbon assets may come together to list and trade carbon assists in accordance with the International Rules. Between 2012 and 2014, Vinod was Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of The GreenAsia Group. From 2003 to 2007, Vinod was co-founder of the Asia Carbon Group of Companies where he invented, developed and implemented the world's first CDM focused emissions exchange and was principal architect of the company’s unique auction system.

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