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Hari M.P.

Research Interests
Research Highlights

Hari joined ESI in October 2013. He holds an MSc in Financial Engineering from the National University of Singapore, an MBA from the Faculty of Management Studies at Delhi University and a BTech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Calicut. His research interests include mathematical modelling, goal oriented optimisation and risk management related to energy commodities and renewable energy. Previously, he worked in the financial services sector in India.

Research interest:

  • Mathematical modeling
  • Goal oriented optimization and risk management related to energy commodities and renewable energy
International Journals

‘Gas and LNG trading hubs, hub indexation and destination flexibility in East Asia’, Xunpeng Shi, Hari Malamakkavu Padinjare Variam, Energy Policy 96 (2016), 587–596

‘Global impact of uncertainties in China’s gas market’, Shi Xunpeng, Hari Malamakkavu Padinjare Variam, Jacqueline Tao, Energy Policy 104 (2017), 382–394

‘Role of governance in creating a commodity hub: A comparative analysis’,Hari M.P, Tao Jacqueline, Natural Gas Industry B 3 (2016), 367-376

‘East Asia’s gas-market failure and distinctive economic —a case study of low oil prices’, Xunpeng Shi, Hari Malamakkavu Padinjare VariamApplied Energy, 195 (2017), 800-809

‘Incentivizing the adoption of nuclear and renewable energy in Southeast Asia’, Victor Nian, Hari Malamakkavu Padinjare VariamEnergy Procedia (2016) 000–000 (Article In Press) (7 pages)

Policy Brief

Shi Xunpeng and Hari Malamakkavu Padinjare Variam, “East Asia’s Gas Market Transition: Hub Indexation, Inter‐Hub Competition and Flexible Contracts”, ESI Policy Brief 15, Oct 2016, Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore

Book/Book Chapters

‘China’s Gas Market Liberalisation The impact on China–Australia gas trade’, Xunpeng Shi and Hari Malamakkavu Padinjare Variam, CHINA’S DOMESTIC TRANSFORMATION IN A GLOBAL CONTEXT, LIGANG SONG, ROSS GARNAUT, CAI FANG & LAUREN JOHNSTON (eds), Published by ANU Press, The Australian National University,  ACT 2601, Australia, 2015, pp 137-173

S.K. Chou and Hari .M.P, Lessons from International Experience for Energy Market Reform in Bangladesh, Ch.8, Published in “International Best Practices in Power and Energy Sector Lessons for South Asia and Bangladesh”, Institute for Policy Advocacy and Governance, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Email: esihar@nus.edu.sg
Phone: (+65) 6516-7083
Fax: (+65) 6775-1831