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S.K. Chou obtained a B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Singapore, and a D.E.A. and Dr-Ing. from Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Arts et Metiers, Paris, under a French Government Scholarship. He joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore, as a lecturer, in 1980, and is presently Professor. He is jointly appointed to the NUS Energy Studies Institute as its Executive Director.

From 1990 to 1992, he was seconded to the Science Council of Singapore and the National Science and Technology Board as Executive Director. In 1992, he helped establish the NUS Industry and Technology Relations Office (INTRO), where he was Director from 1992 to 2000. In 1995, he helped found the NUS Technology Holdings Pte Ltd (NUSH), a wholly-owned NUS company responsible for seeding new technology start-ups from university research and inventions. He held the position of Managing Director of NUSH from 1995 to 2001. He was Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, NUS, from 1998 to 2003, and Vice-Dean (External and Industry Relations) of the Faculty of Engineering from 2003 to 2008.

S.K. Chou is a Fellow and Immediate Past President of the Institution of Engineers (IES), Singapore, and a Fellow of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. He is a Fellow of the Singapore Academy of Engineering, the ASEAN Academy of Engineering and Technology, and the Energy Institute, UK. He chairs the Advisory Committee of the School of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering and is a member of the Board of Governors of Singapore Polytechnic. He chairs the Technical Evaluation Panel on the Grant for Energy Efficiency Technology (GREET) of the National Environment Agency, Singapore. He is Chairman of the Advisory Board of the ASEAN Plan of Action on Science and Technology and is a member of the International Advisory Board of the APEC Center for Technology Fore-sighting.

He is credited with the formulation of the Envelope Thermal Transfer Value (ETTV) and the Residential Envelope Transmittance Value (RETV) criteria in the building energy standards used in the Singapore Green Mark Incentive Scheme. He is presently Associate Editor of the Elsevier journal, Applied Energy, and Chairman of the International Editorial Board of the Asian Journal on Energy and Environment. He serves on the editorial boards of a number of other energy related journals.

Professor Chou's research interests are in Energy performance of buildings and thermal performance of building envelopes, microscale combustion, micro thermophotovoltaics, micro thrusters and propulsion systems, heat-driven and hybrid thermal systems, and internal combustion engines burning biofuels.

    Selected recent publications

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